Quality and passion passed down for generations

The story began in 1964 with Giulio Pasquinelli, craftsman founder who started in a small workshop, he gained the reputation of being one of the best manufacturers of kitchen furniture in the whole province of Lucca. A few years later, he acquisted property of over 1,000 sqm, here he started producing different models of built-in kitchens. Innovative and always searching for the best materials and updated techniques of woodworking.

Over the years it has become a family business mixing young and old ideas, exploring new technologies and boundaries, maintaining tradition and experience.

Development has continued embracing a process of ecosustainability strongly felt by the company. PG has an open mind to new ideas and collaborates with various professionals who share the culture of the real made in Italy meticulous in detail with the pleasure of designing a welcoming functional environment, using all high-quality materials. The strength of this company is in its domestic production now specialized in the field, it has started a process of modernization also marked to serve companies in need of high precision, the project also continues with the domestic production of objects of design.


Ciao, la chat è disponibile dal lunedì al sabato negli orari dalle 09:00 alle 13:00 per la mattina e dalle 15:00 alle 19:30 nel pomeriggio.

Come alternativa, puoi scriverci dalla pagina dei contatti.